How to be an excellent client

You are already an excellent client, you’ve done your research and booked a phenomenal act for your event!

As a self-employed performer there are a few things that make our working relationship with you flow easily when organising and performing at your event.

  1. Give as much detail as possible about your event and what you need from us.
  • Be prompt with returning contracts and paying deposits, you have first refusal on a date and time requested but other gigs may come in on the same slot. By confirming quickly it enables us to keep other clients in the loop and help them better organise their events.
  • Usually everything you need to know is on the website but please do ask questions if you are unsure of what services we are offering.
  • Make sure there is somewhere to get changed and leave equipment in a safe space on site. Our equipment is expensive and we need to know it is safe whilst we are out entertaining your guests. Every venue has at least a private lockable office space and this will usually be sufficient for our needs, a toilet cubicle is not a changing room!
  • If it’s a public event then please reserve parking or make us aware of the arrangements prior. We may be on time but searching for a car park then walking back to site will make us late!
  • Make sure that staff at the venue are expecting us and prepared for our arrival, if you won’t be on-site then provide contact details for the person who will be.
  • Pay our fee on the day of the event or when agreed. This avoids any confusion or unpleasantness after an event. Remember that self-employed entertainers do this for their living and as a small independent business every payment counts!

A repeat booking is a relationship that can last years and is based on excellent professional practice. I have regular clients dating back over a decade and look forward to working with them year to year. If both of us are happy working together, then you know your guests will always have a great time and that’s really the most important thing for us all.

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