Party Magician Kent

Christmas Party Magician

Looking for stunning entertainment for your Christmas Party in Kent?

Paul Incredible is a Christmas party magician in Kent and has everything you need to make your party really special this festive season.

Party Magician Kent

Christmas Party Magician

You’ve booked the venue, the music, the food’s looking good, everyone’s been looking forward to your Christmas party all year, you’re the talk of the town, the big cheese, numero uno!

Set your party above the rest by booking a magician to amaze and leave your guests speechless. Paul Incredible is like no other, up close, personal and exciting.

Office Party Entertainment

It’s that time of year again, where you get to let your hair down, have one too many drinks and party like there’s no tomorrow with you co-workers!

The only thing left to do is book your magician. You know, the witty, charming and down right amazing, blow your minds and leave you speechless guy that has everyone talking for months afterwards about how did he do that?

Saw your performance last week and was absolute amazed and had my mind blown!
I always thought magic wasn’t real, I now know I am mistaken.

Anthony Birch Paul Incredible 9th December 2018

Paul is an awesome Magician, Entertainer and genuinely nice guy! Magic is fresh and exciting with performances that are sometimes so dangerous you find yourself watching through your fingers! Always enjoy watching his shows. Highly recommend Paul for any event, his unique style and Magic adds that sought after wow sure to book this guy.

Claudette Cairns Paul Incredible 9th January 2019

Saw Paul at a magic bar, put a power drill in his face and didn’t die. Good magic

Christie Grant Paul Incredible 9th January 2019

Great - reliable - highly skilled - funky - attentive to detail - entertaining - fun - dynamic - joyous.

A human very much to be seen...

William Parsons Paul Incredible 9th January 2019

The name is on the tin, Incredible.
Thank-you for the inspiration and wonder!

Catherine Francis-Yeats Paul Incredible 9th January 2019

Paul Incredible Close Up Magician in