We had a great afternoon with Paul at our team away day learning circus skills. He was professional, funny, talented, patient, kind, all-inclusive and helpful.

Everyone beamed from ear to ear the whole session and had the most fun, I don’t think I have ever heard so much laughter from our team!


From first communication to after the event had finished Paul was brilliant, he was flexible and moulded the session perfectly to fit the dynamics of the group, making it accessible for everyone. If you are looking for a great way to spend time as a team, that breaks boundaries, brings the team together, is engaging and entertaining I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Paul.

Ivor Duffy CFO, NHS Ashford CCG and NHS Canterbury & Coastal CCG

What an amazing entertainer!
Absolutely made my party one to remember.
Your magic was spot on and kept my guests wanting more. As for the side show and fire finale...they were incredible! Thankyou!!
Highly recommended x

Katie Osborne

The name is on the tin, Incredible.
Thank-you for the inspiration and wonder!

Catherine Francis-Yeats

Paul performed close up magic, diabolo and a fire show at my wedding five years ago and my guests still talk about it. He was friendly and charming to our guests of all ages. Basically if you want a wizard at your wedding hire Paul Incredible!

Justine Robinson

Paul was a great asset to our wedding day, as he did not just entertain the kids but every age group with his unique tricks - he was able to adapt and work around our day and always had a great sense of humour with him

Neil Massey

We had the absolute delight of being entertained, amazed and wowed by Paul Incredible at my Mum's 70th birthday party. Paul is not only a very talented magician but also a superb circus and fire performer. He was an absolute star, performing some close up magic and mind reading wonders to small groups at a time, then some big tricks involving drills and spikes to the whole group and an absolute top notch fire performance to end the night.

I cannot recommend Paul Incredible enough.
Incredible by name, Incredible by nature.

Gemma Kedwell

I had a really wonderful time today during a team training. Thank you a lot! It was an amazing experience!

Alex Leese-Terry

Great - reliable - highly skilled - funky - attentive to detail - entertaining - fun - dynamic - joyous.

A human very much to be seen...

William Parsons

Saw Paul at a magic bar, put a power drill in his face and didn’t die. Good magic

Christie Grant

Thank you so much for the fabulous magic and fire show yesterday. Our mum had a wonderful evening and we were all left wondering "how on earth did he do that" many times over.

Gemma Kedwell

Paul was an incredible circus teacher. I learnt so much in one lesson and he didn’t make anyone do anything they weren’t comfortable with, but still pushed us all to visit the scary area outside of our comfort zones. Thank you ❤️

Charlie-Anne Bruce

Very impressive performance, watched as a skeptical first timer to Canterbury’s “magic” bar. Not just an impressive show, but an approachable and fun to talk to showman after the act had finished, with many more tricks up his sleeve. Look forward to seeing more!

Ed Ludlow

Paul is an awesome Magician, Entertainer and genuinely nice guy! Magic is fresh and exciting with performances that are sometimes so dangerous you find yourself watching through your fingers! Always enjoy watching his shows. Highly recommend Paul for any event, his unique style and Magic adds that sought after wow sure to book this guy.

Claudette Cairns

I saw Paul Incredible perform at Houdini's Magic bar and can say first hand not only is he highly skilled at magic but a fantastic performer who keeps you enthralled from the beginning to the end of the show.

Su Hamilton

I can say without a doubt that having Paul Incredible perform at my wedding was the 2nd best decision I made… the first was asking my husband to marry me!

Genevieve Leavold

Saw your performance last week and was absolute amazed and had my mind blown!
I always thought magic wasn’t real, I now know I am mistaken.

Anthony Birch

Paul Incredible Close Up Magician in