Why booking a professional entertainer for your event is essential

If you’re an experienced event organiser then you already know the value of booking high quality entertainers to keep your guests happy. If you are new to putting on public events then this post will help you with an often overlooked but essential component of the day, keeping people entertained. A professional entertainer isn’t just one of your friends who agrees to put on a silly hat and walk around smiling at people!

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What a professional entertainer brings to your event

What we do is identify places where people are gathered, queuing or looking lost and gently arrive near them and perform. We are also there to help paste over any event difficulties by being excellent distractions at the drop of a hat. For my part this takes the form of close up magic and a variety of circus skills. I gauge the level of the audience then apply what I feel would be the most appropriate entertainment for the age and attitude of the crowd.

It’s a skill trained by decades of experience, knowing who wants entertainment and more importantly, who doesn’t! Knowing when to stop a performance is just as important as selecting your audience. An experienced performer will move skilfully and effortlessly from group to group staying for just the right amount of time.

If parents are enjoying your event and remember the entertainer who did a really special trick for their kids, they will almost certainly return next year. Moreover, they will tell their friends about your event, thus increasing traffic and turnover for next year’s bash!

Every happy family that walks away from your event is a win that will pay dividends. I have always gone over and above to provide an excellent and personable service to my clients. It’s wonderful to be asked back to events year after year and to have built these relationships with the people booking me.

Reasons to book a professional entertainer for your event:-

  • Happy guests
  • Expertise
  • Reliability
  • Experience
  • Improves the overall experience of your event
  • People will tell their friends and return next year

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