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Looking for outstanding, unique entertainment for your private or event or party? Look no further! An incredible diabolist, juggler, fire and glow performer, hula hooper, stilt walker and all round circus performer, Paul Incredible has been performing all over the UK since 1997 and is one of the countries most proficient diaboloists. Whatever the occassion, private party, birthday party, Christmas party, office party, or public event, Paul Incredible will amaze and delgiht your guests with his jaw dropping circus and magic skills!

Paul is highly skilled in a range of circus arts including juggling, diabolo, crystal ball manipulation, hula hooping, and much more. His twenty plus years of experience mean he can create the perfect circus entertainment especially for your event, from an all round circus show for all the family, to spell binding pieces set to music, to roaming entertainment to enthrall and delight your guests.

Paul is also an experienced and highly trained fire and LED performer. Entrance your audience with a hypnotic glow show, suitable for indoor or evening performances, with a range of professional LED equipment set to music. Or amaze them with a stunning fire show, show-casing several pieces of equipment set to music, culminating in a dramatic fire breathe!

Paul will help create the perfect bespoke package for your event or party. Contact Paul today to discuss how you can make your party unforgettable.

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Circus Shows and Acts

Paul Incredible can provide a circus show for your public or private event, as part of a workshop or an act as part of your line up of entertainment. He is a proficient diaboloist, crystal ball juggler, fire spinner, hula hooper, juggler, stilt walker, cigar box manipulator and balancer or everyday objects on his face!

His hugely entertaining, and highly skilled shows, either set to music, or in street show style, will amuse, delight and amaze your audience or guests. Perfect for all types of events from weddings to festivals to private parties.

Roaming Circus Entertainer

Looking for something extra to bring your event alive? Paul Incredible can mix and mingle with your guests, displaying a range of exciting and breathtaking circus skills as he moves through the crowd.

From mesmerising crystal ball juggling to mind blowing diabolo skills, to colourful stiltwalking, his walkabout circus entertainment is a must for any event.

Fire & Glow Performer

A dazzling display of flamey excitement! The perfect act to wow your guests at your wedding, festival, corporate event, cabaret night, birthday or fireworks evening.Paul will wow your guests with a breathtaking fire display featuring fire hula hoop, fire poi, fire staff and culminating in a dramatic fire breathe!

A brilliant alternative to fire are Paul Incredible’s hypnotic LED glow acts. Featuring a range of high end glow equipment including glow hula hoop, glow poi, and glow diabolo, set to a magnificent high energy sound track, Paul’s glow show is sure to amaze and delight.

Cabaret Performer

Regularly welcomed back by the Wam Bam club, Cabaret of Curiosities and Hop Garden Cabaret, Paul Incredible is a well versed cabaret circus performer.

Offering a choice of circus, freakshow, fire and glow acts for your night, he is always a shining addition to the line up.

Paul was a great asset to our wedding day, as he did not just entertain the kids but every age group with his unique tricks - he was able to adapt and work around our day and always had a great sense of humour with him

Neil Massey

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